Wonderful walkability & why it matters

5 lakefront parks within 30 minutes

You’ve heard the saying, “Location, Location, Location.”  But there’s something else to consider: “Walkability.”

Travelers are health conscious, and now ask, “Can I get there on foot?”

WalkScore defined

The concept of walkability is promoted by a Seattle-based company called WalksScore.

The company developed a large-scale, public access walkability index that assigns a numerical walkability score to any address in America.  New York City tops the list, with a WalkScore of 89.

Small city walkability

In Canandaigua, our highest WalkScore is 80. It’s a neighborhood one block from downtown, and according to WalkScore, “very walkable.”

Our residence on North Main Street is a half-mile from downtown Canandaigua and has a WalkScore of 54. As the index calculates, it’s “Somewhat walkable.”  I certainly enjoy walking to work from there.

Walkability on Canandaigua Lake

But does “walkability” apply to Canandaigua Lake homes? I grew up on the distant south end of the lake, and it was difficult and unsafe to walk there.

So when we discovered this nearby cottage on the northeast shore of Canandaigua Lake, just 400 steps away from the city line, we were elated.

Our location earns a WalkScore of 29, or “car dependent,” where “Most errands require a car.”

“29” still sounds low, right?

Where can you walk to?

Yet our WalkScore of 29 is higher than any other vacation rental property on Canandaigua Lake.

And unlike anyplace else on Canandaigua Lake, you don’t need a car at our cottage. Especially on vacation, you want to drive less and relax more.

Compared to our east side location, our competitors across the lake on West Lake Road earn a WalkScore of 3 or less: “Almost all errands require a car.”

East vs. West, us or them, here’s what the choice of lake locations means to you:

Within a 30 minute walk from our east side cottage you’ll reach NY Kitchen, 5 lakefront parks, 4 places for wine & beer tastings, shops, CMAC concerts, restaurants, Wegmans and more.

But on the west side, walk 30 minutes and you barely reach NY Kitchen. And it’s hot, because there’s no shade lake air to cool you.

Mapping reveals the difference

WalkScore lets you calculate distances and maps for time and travel modes.

If you stayed on Canandaigua Lake’s remote west side, here’s what your 30-minute walk to area attractions looks like:

30 minute walking range from busy West Lake Road

But if you stay at our convenient location on the northeast shore, here’s what that same 30-minute walk looks like:

30 minute walking range from Fallbrook Cove – it’s all nearby!

Look what’s in walking distance of Fallbrook Cove:

Save time, gas & money by staying at our convenient location

By any measure, our northeast lakeshore location is the most walkable part of Canandaigua Lake. You’ll save time, gas and money at Fallbrook Cove.

Walkable Canandaigua lakefront

Canandaigua Lake is 16 miles long, and you’ll find most of its parks concentrated on the north end, in the City of Canandaigua.

Kershaw Park on Canandaigua Lake
Kerhaw Park is a popular walking destination

The chain of lakefront parks, lakeside attractions and the adjacent resorts have always made the City of Canandaigua the “Chosen Place.”

And it’s all nearby!

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