What lives on Squaw Island?

Squaw Island is the smallest state park in New York State. Here’s a photo taken on a cold afternoon in April:

Seagulls gather and nest on Squaw Island in Canandaigua Lake

If you look closely you can see the seagulls gathered on and in front of the island. I took the photo from the City Pier, several hundred yards away.

When the babies hatch in a few weeks, the ruckus of all those hungry birds reminds us why our kids call it “Squawk Island”.

I’ll get closer when I get the boat in the water. In the summer, cormorants occupy the upper branches of the trees, and I haven’t found their nesting site yet. And when the water gets warm, I’ll try to locate a “lake biscuit” from the waters around the island.

Update: A few days later, I took some photos after sunset. This one shows the black Cormorants roosting in the tree tops:

Each Spring, Cormorants roost in the trees on Squaw Island in Canandaigua Lake

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