Restaurant Guide

Canandaigua has excellent restaurants. Most are independently operated and located within 2 miles of our cottage. Here are some of our favorites:


Beehive Brew Pub in Canandaigua, New York
The Beehive Brew Pub

Craft beer and fresh local food

20 Pleasant Street

(585) 919-2471

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Casa de Pasta Italian restaurant in Canandaigua, New York
Casa de Pasta

Italian-American Food:

Pasta, Steaks Seafood

125 Bemis Street Street  (585) 394-3710

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Casa Italiana deli on Parrish Street, Canandaigua
Casa Italiana

Traditional Italian Deli & Pizzeria

40 Parrish Street  (585) 396 -0411

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Flavors Indian Restaurant

Traditional Indian

Dine-in or take-out

35 Lafayette Avenue (585) 412-6342

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The Green Front Restaurant on Niagara Street, Canandaigua, New York
The Green Front

Traditional Pub Fare

& classic beer selection

35 Niagara Street  (585) 394-7015 

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Il Posto Italian restaurant on South Main Street, Canandaigua, New York
Il Posto Bistro

Italian Restaurant & Wine Bar

137 South Man Street

(585) 905-0535

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Nolan's on Canandaigua Lake, South Main Street
Nolan’s on Canandaigua Lake

Steak, Seafood & Pasta paired with local beverages

726 South Main Street   (595) 925-0201

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NY Kitchen

Locally-sourced food

& wine, beer, cider & spririts

800 South Main Street (585) 394-7070

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Patty’s Place

Casual cash-only morning mainstay for hearty

American breakfasts.

33 South Main Street (585) 396-9470

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Pontillo’s Pizzeria

Pizza, wings, subs, calzones

& salads

20 Muar Street (Parkway Plaza) (585) 394-7370

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Rheinblick German restaurant, South Main Street, Canandaigua, New York

German Restaurant

224 South Main Street

(585)  905-0950

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Rio Tomatlan Mexican restaurant, Canandaigua, New York
Rio Tomatlan

Mexican eats & cocktails served
in relaxed, funky setting
featuring a patio strung with lights.

106 Bemis Street  (585) 394-9380

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Sakura Japanese Steak House & Sushi Bar

Hibachi, dine-in & take-out

57 Eastern Boulevard (585) 393-1888

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Simply Crepes in downtown Canandaigua, New York
Simply Crepes

French-style crepes

for breakfast, lunch & even dinner!

101 South Main Street (585) 394-9090

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Thai By Night (Urban Thai) on South Main Street, Canandaigua, New York
Thai by Night

Urban Thai

123 South Main Street

(585)  412-6261

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Canandaigua Wegmans superstore, Market Cafe
Wegmans Market Cafe

Pizza, Subs, Burger Bar, Sushi, Asian Bar

345 Eastern Boulevard

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#The Beehive

The Beehive Brew Pub

Located in the historic Depot Building on the corner of Pleasant Street, and Niagara Street, the Beehive Brew Pub is a relaxed hangout featuring pub food & a large rotating beer selection, plus live music & events.

I used to have an office right there, and they’ve done a great job renovating the space, exposing the bricks and original floor.

The Beehive Brew Pub is connected to the Peacemaker Brewery.

The Beehive Brew Pub: 20 Pleasant Street (585) 919-2471

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#Casa de Pasta

Casa de Pasta

Casa de Pasta is located a block west of South Main Street, in the City’s Downtown Historic District.

Here’s how the owners describe it: “Hopping Italian restaurant casts a homey vibe & features traditional pasta, seafood & meat dishes.”

The restaurant is large enough to accommodate large groups.

Casa de Pasta: 125 Bemis Street Street (585) 394-3710

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#Casa Italiana

Casa Italiana

Casa Italiana is a family-owned market & deli providing sub sandwiches & pizza, plus imported meats, cheeses & treats.

The size of the lunch-time crowd confirms that this place has everything you need to satisfy your hunger.

We love the personal-sized pizzas (try the artichoke pizza) and a wide variety of fresh-baked goods. We can’t resist the Almond Cookies and the huge Half-Moon Cookies.

Shop here for all the cold-cuts and pasta salads you need for your crew.

Casa Italiana: 40 Parrish Street (585) 396 -0411

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Flavors Indian Restaurant

Flavors Indian Restaurant offers dine-in buffet or take-out. We love the Garlic Naan and Spinach Paneer.

It’s located two blocks east of South Main Street and just east of the Canandaigua Farmers’ Market Pavilion.

Flavors Indian Restaurant: 35 Lafayette Avenue (585) 412-6342

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#Green Front

The Green Front

The Green Front was a 1920’s era working-man’s bar. Legend has it The Green Front was even a speakeasy during Prohibition.

The owners did a beautiful restoration and proudly maintained its historic roots. The Green Front’s sister bar is Eric’s Office, located on the north end of Canandaigua.

Both places contain lots of nostalgic memorabilia so if you grew up in Canandaigua, the decor in these restaurants is like opening a time capsule.

The Green Front advertisement states: “Always featuring our hometown local brewery, Naked Dove . . . which makes our very own Greenfront Downtown Ale, along with six of their seasonal beers.”

The bar area even has a cooler filled with “Your Father’s Beer,” nostalgic labels like Schlitz, Genesee and Pabst Blue Ribbon.

My father used to dine on the hot pepper sandwich and “Genny” lager while we played on the bowling machine. When I reached the legal drinking age of 18, my brothers sat me at the bar for a beer and a shot.

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#Il Posto Bistro

Il Posto Bistro

Il Posto Bistro packs a lot into a small place. The food is delicious and they have a good wine list. The menu is best descried as gourmet Italian.

Google estimates that folks spend on average 1.5 hours dining there, a strong indication that people go there to relax and enjoy a romantic meal.

Il Posto Bistro Italian Restaurant: 137 South Main Street (585) 905-0535

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Nolan’s on Canandaigua Lake

Technically, Nolan’s is not directly on Canandaigua Lake – it’s at the base of the City Pier. But that doesn’t stop throngs of locals from going there every night they’re open.

Nolan’s serves steak, seafood and pasta and offers a wide variety of local wine and beers.

Make reservations because Nolan’s fills up fast. If you know someone at the Canandaigua Country Club, you can also join them as a guest to try Nolan’s food there because the same owners cater to the Country Club.

Nolan’s on Canandaigua Lake: 726 South Main Street (595) 925-0201

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#NY Kitchen

NY Kitchen

Formerly known as the New York Wine & Culinary Center, the re-branded NY Kitchen focus on all things in local food and beverage.

You can sample wine, beer, cider and distilled spirits. Want to learn more about local foods? You can take a cooking class or a food and beverage pairing class. There’s a gift shop and wine store downstairs, as well as two beautiful private events rooms.

Upstairs, there’s a pub and Bistro, with indoor and outdoor seating. Dining space is limited so it’s wise to call for reservations.

NY Kitchen is located at the base of the City Pier. You can walk walk there from our cottage because it’s 1.3 miles through beautiful lakefront parks.

NY Kitchen: 800 South Main Street (585) 394-7070

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#Patty’s Place

Patty’s Place

Patty’s Place advertises itself as a “Casual cash-only morning mainstay for hearty American breakfasts such as pancakes & omelets.”

My son loves breakfast at Patty’s. He goes there when he’s in town. I’d join him, but by the time he wakes up I’m already thinking about lunch.

Patty’s Place: 33 South Main Street (585) 396-9470

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#Pontillo’s Pizzeria

Pontillo’s Pizzeria

Spend any time in our area and you’ll see a large number of businesses with Italian names.

Between 1890 and 1920, 4 million Italians immigrated to New York State alone, and many settled in Western New York.

Many people know that pizza was invented in New York City, at Lombardi’s, in 1903. Few people know that in 1897, Italian-Americans also opened the first espresso bar in America.

So it’s appropriate that one of Western New York’s favorite pizzerias, Pontillo’s, has a location in Canandaigua opposite Starbucks Coffee.

The Pontillo family opened its first store in Batavia in 1947. Pontillo’s now has 18 locations. Jeff, the owner of the Pontillo’s Pizzeria in Canandaigua, is always there, and his hard-working crew have cool t-shirts.

Pontillo’s offers dine-in or take-out, and is near Parkway Plaza, less than a mile from the cottage. They even offer Gluten-free pizza.

Pontillo’s Pizzeria: 20 Muar Street (585) 394-7370

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Rheinblick’s ad says it all:

“Enjoy a meal German style! Authentic and family-friendly Old World atmosphere. Owned by German natives, Gary and Gudrun Klemens, at Rheinblick we’re committed to quality German food. Stop in and take yourself on a journey to history of the the Rhein river on your next Finger Lakes trip!”

It’s fun to enjoy German beer in a real stein mug.

Rheinblick: 224 South Main Street  (585)  905-0950

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#Rio Tomatlan

Rio Tomatlan

Rio Tomatlan is located in an old lumberyard building, so it has a cool industrial feel to it. The artwork and decor makes you feel like you’re in a cantina.

Rio’s food is fresh and delicious. The staff is great and will make helpful suggestions. People travel an hour or more to dine at this place.

The entire bar wall seems filled with more Tequila brands than anyplace else you’ve seen.

If you have only have enough time to visit one restaurant in Canandaigua this summer, then Rio Tomatlan is the one!

 Rio Tomatlan: 106 Bemis Street (585) 394-9380

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Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

“Sakura” means “Cherry Blossoms” in Japanese. And like its traditional-sounding name, Sakura serves up traditional Japanese food.

The hibachi experience is always fun, especially if you have a large group celebrating a birthday, anniversary or other significant event.

Sakura is located in Parkway Plaza, a mile from the cottage.

Sakura Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar: 57 Eastern Boulevard (Parkway Plaza) (585) 393-1888

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#Simply Crepes

Simply Crepes

Simply Crepes was recently featured in a Food Network Show: “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.”

They offer light, delicious crepes with filled with fruit, mushrooms or meats.

Simply Crepes is especially popular on weekend mornings. Mimosas anyone?

Simply Crepes: 101 South Main Street (585) 394-9090

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#Thai By Night

Thai By Night

Thai By Night is small by Canandaigua standards, but a huge addition to downtown Canandaigua. The menu changes every few months, and it always tastes great.

It’s not your standard noodle place. Thai By Night prepares gourmet food. I never tasted Thai Basil until I dined there, and now I ask for it whenever I’m there.

The staff is very friendly, and likely you’ll be seated by John (a graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America). His partner, Pui, is from Bangkok, prepares the food and may serve you herself.

Thai by Night doesn’t accept reservations or offer take-out.

With a name like Thai By Night, you might wonder what happens by day? Originally, he owners envisioned a place next door, called “Burgers by Day”, but cancelled that idea when Wegmans opened its in-store burger bar.

Thai By Night: 123 South Main Street (585) 412-6261

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Wegmans Market Cafe

You wouldn’t expect an extensive cafeteria and restaurant seating inside a major grocery store, but then Wegmans is not your typical grocery store.

Consistently voted America’s top grocery store, Wegmans has a variety of dine-in or take-out items. You can assemble your own platter from three rows of salad bars and steam tables.

The Burger Bar offers delicious choices too. It’s right next to the coffee bar.

For subs, if you like meat, ask them to toast the rolls and melt the cheese on top – nothing beats a warm sub!

The pizza slices are huge. Opposite the sub and pizza area you’ll find the sushi bar. On a busy night, you’ll find the friendly sushi chefs preparing a tremendous variety of raw and cooked products.

Wegmans has a huge outdoor dining area overlooking Lagoon Park. The store recently trimmed the brush near the ponds to offer a better view of the park.

Wegmans is just a half-mile from the cottage. Click Here for a walking/biking map to Wegmans.

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