Lagoon Park

Located on the north side of Lakeshore Drive, and across the street from Lakefront Park, Lagoon Park consists of 34 acres of wetlands with walking trails, bridges, and overlooks along the Canandaigua Outlet.

Entrance into Lagoon Park on Canandaigua Lake

Built in the 1920s

In the 1920’s, local developer William Muar built an amusement park on the Canandaigua lakefront, on the site of Lakefront Park. Muar dredged a series of lagoons jus north of Roseland to create more recreational land. A miniature train called the Pacemaker ran over and around the lagoons.

The old Pacemaker train on the current site of Lagoon Park, on Canandaigua Lake

I remember those railroad tracks from my childhood, but by then, the train was already gone. I recall the rickety remnants of the bridge crossed the pond. Here’s a photo of that old bridge:

The Pacemaker train bridge as it used to exist in Lagoon Park on Canandaigua Lake

A New Life

For decades, the lagoons languished, and through benign neglect, the wooden retaining walls rotted away. After developers purchased he former Roseland Park amusement site, they sold two parcels of land to the City of Canandaigua. With the help of a federal grant for parkland acquisition and development, the City built the bridges, fishing platforms and hiking trails visible today. Here’s a photo of one of the modern bridges:

A bridge over one of the ponds in Lagoon Park on Canandaigua Lake

Shortcut to Wegmans

Wegmans grocery has one of its flagship stores just north of Lagoon Park. You can walk over the bridges and pathways in Lagoon Park and shop or eat at Wegmans. Here’s a photo of Wegmans just beyond Lagoon Park:

This bridge in Lagoon Park leads to Wegmans’ flagship store in Canandaigua
Wegmans’ dining patio overlooks Lagoon Park

The City built fishing platforms and viewing pavilions throughout Lagoon Park, and the interconnected ponds are perfect for kayaking.

Fishing platform in Canandaigua’s Lagoon Park

Here’s a map to Lagoon Park. You can also kayak to Lagoon Park.

Lagoon Park is just across Lake Shore Drive

Lagoon Park has a shortcut to Wegmans’ grocery store:

The shortcut to Wegmans passes through the east part of Lagoon Park
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