Finger Lakes Resort hotel

The long-delayed construction at the Finger Lakes Resort on Canandaigua Lake is finally picking up again. The developers’ original financing collapsed several years ago, and construction stopped. But recently, the developers obtained new financing.

Construction is under way again at the Finger Lakes Resort

Workers are running wires and temporary lights for the next work crews to construct the walls. All signs point to the completion of the steel skeleton that locals had labeled at the “Bird Cage Hotel.”

Public docks in front of the Finger Lakes Resort

The developers donated the public docks to the City many years ago, and completion of the structure will improve what for too long was an eyesore on Canandaigua Lake.

The Canandaigua Lady won’t look so lonely in front of Lakeshore Park once the Resort is completed:

The Canandaigua Lady docks near the Finger Lakes Resort

Construction update:

Over the past few weeks, workers poured concrete on the second and third floors and have begun erecting metal stud walls throughout the structure. It’s good to see this project headed to completion.

Finger Lakes Resort from Lakeshore Drive in May, 2019
Finger Lakes Resort under construction, May of 2019

By next year, the Canandaigua Inn will be completed as well, adding much more hotel space to this beautiful resort community.

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