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Welcome to Fallbrook Cove – we’re Else & Fred Reed

We met on a chairlift at a nearby ski resort, a lucky pairing of a Dutch woman and a local man.

Sharing a love of the Finger Lakes, we soon married and then raised three children in Canandaigua.

As they began moving away, we wanted a cottage where we could reconnect each summer.

I grew up on the west side of the lake, and always imagined owning a cottage on that side, but my wife suggested an even better location on the east side.

Right after we married, she taught windsurfing on the City Pier, and immediately recognized what the northeast shore offered.

Windsurfing on Canandaigua Lake
Windsurfing on Canandaigua Lake’s north end

One night after work, as we stood on the Pier, she pointed across the lake to the northeast shore. She said, “We should buy a cottage there someday.”

Unlike anyplace else on Canandaigua Lake, it has perfect wind, the most sun, and the best sunsets. Realtors know it as the lake’s most desired location.

Canandaigua Lake's sunny northeast shore
View from City Pier to the lake’s northeast shore

Twenty-five years after we stood together on the Pier, we bought a cottage right where she pointed.

We love how easy it is to get here. Located on a private cul-de-sac just off Lakeshore Drive, the cottage is direct waterfront, with the Canandaigua Country Club golf course across the pavement.

Canandaigua Country Club
Canandaigua Country Club behind the cottage

In this park-like setting you’re removed from major traffic. You feel away from it all and yet you’re near all the attractions.

Stay anyplace else and you’ll need to drive. But not at this cottage, because it’s the most walkable part of our lake. Within a mile you’ll find:

As one neighbor said, “It’s like a vacation here everyday.”

Someday, like most of our neighbors, we’ll retire here. Until then, offering our cottage to you each July lets us host our far-flung family each August.

Canandaigua Lake sunset
Our children learned to windsurf here

Because we live nearby in the City of Canandaigua, we’ll greet you on arrival and we’re available if you need anything.

Thank you for visiting our website.

-Else & Fred Reed

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