6 Canandaigua Parks to explore by kayak

With its shallow, warm water and long, sunny days, the north end of Canandaigua Lake is a kayaking paradise – some places are ONLY accessible by kayak. Here are 6 lakefront parks you can explore by kayak, and all within 1 mile of Fallbrook Cove.

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Lakefront Park:

Here’s a map to Lakefront Park:

Lakefront Park is just .31 miles away

You’ll start by paddling around the Rosepark Cottages docks and pass the wharf where the Canandaigua Lady ties up each night. Here’s how the Lady docks:

The Canandaigua Lady docks nearby

Next, you’ll see the public docks donated to the City of Canandaigua by the developers of the Finger Lakes Resort:

Public docks by Canandaigua’s Lakefront Park

You can’t miss the five-story structure currently under construction – it’s the Finger Lakes Resort, consisting of a hotel, restaurant, condominium and conference center. Here’s a recent photo:

The Finger Lakes Resort under construction

Lagoon Park:

Here’s a map to Lagoon Park:

Lagoon Park is .94 miles away

To get to Lagoon Park, you’ll pass Lakefront Park, but once you pass the public docks in front of the Finger Lakes Resort, immediately turn right:

The public docks connected to Canandaigua’s Lakefront Park

Keep these public docks on your right, and within a few strokes you’ll approach the mouth of the lake, which looks like this:

Canandaigua Lake drains between Kershaw Park and Lakefront Park

Pass beneath the two bridges – you’ll have the five-story Finger Lakes Resort on your right, and the Twisted Rail Brewing Company on your left. Now you’ve entered Lagoon Park:

The ponds within Canandaigua’s Lagoon Park are very peaceful

You’ll see a couple bridges that connect the walking paths throughout the park:

One of several bridges in Canandaigua’s Lagoon Park

Take your time inLagoon Park because it’s unique to feel so secluded with this pristine area when you’re surrounded by the entire Canandaigua lakefront.

Kershaw Park:

Here’s a map to Kershaw Park:

Kershaw Park is .54 miles away from Fallbrook Cove

Kershaw Park is the longest lakefront park on the north shore of Canandaigua Lake. Its most prominent feature of is the public bathhouse, which looks like this:

Kershaw Park’s public bathhouse on Canandaigua Lake

Canandaigua City Pier:

Here’s a map to the Canandaigua City Pier:

The Canandaigua City Pier is .75 miles away from Fallbrook Cove

The City Pier is easy to find: it’s straight across the lake from Fallbrook Cove. The Pier extends far into the lake:

These historic boathouses are sheltered within the City Pier:

The Canandaigua City Pier boathouses are unique and historic

Squaw Island:

Here’s a map to Squaw Island:

Squaw Island is .91 miles across Canandaigua Lake from Fallbrook Cove

From a distance, it’s easy to miss Squaw Island because it’s the smallest state park in New York and it blends in with . the surrounding shoreline.

Squaw Island on the north end of Canandaigua Lake

Here’s a photo of the plaque on the City Pier describing Squaw Island:

Squaw Island plaque placed on the Canandaigua City Pier

Atwater Meadows:

Here’s a map to Atwater Meadows:

Atwater Meadows is 1.1 miles across Canandaigua Lake

Like Lagoon Park, you need a kayak to reach Atwater Meadows because the water is very shallow. It’s just north of Squaw Island, so when you visit Squaw Island, turn towards the natural shoreline and paddle as close as you want to the huge Willow trees. You’ll see all types of waterfowl, and you feel far away from the motorboat traffic far behind you.

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