Kayak Canandaigua Lake

2 Free Kayaks

Canandaigua Lake offers a kayaking paradise.  This vacation rental cottage includes 2 free kayaks.

Here are 6 parks to explore, some only accessible by kayak. What’s the best way to get in and out of a kayak?  Watch this guy:

Once you’re in the kayak, here are 6 lakefront parks all within 1 mile of the cottage – an easy 1/2 hour paddle.

Lakefront Park

Lakefront Park is just .31 miles away

You’ll start by paddling around the private Rosepark Cottages dock and boat slips.

Next, you’ll pass the wharf where the Canandaigua Lady ties up each night, after her twice daily cruises.

Just past the Canandaigua Lady dock, you’ll see the public docks donated to the City of Canandaigua by the developers of the Finger Lakes Resort.

Opening in Spring, 2020, this 5 story hotel contains a restaurant, condominium & conference center.

Lagoon Park

You’ll find Lagoon Park less than a mile away

Just west of Lakefront Park, and inland from it, you’ll find Lagoon Park.

Once you pass the public docks in front of the Finger Lakes Resort, immediately turn right.

Keep these public docks and hotel on your right, and within a few strokes you’ll approach the mouth of the lake, which looks like this.

Once you have hotel on your right and Kershaw Park to your left, and you’ll see the 2 bridges.

The bridges look low, but don’t worry – there’s plenty of head room beneath the bridges.  The current gently pulls you downstream into Lagoon Park.

Between the two bridges you’ll have the five-story Finger Lakes Resort on your right, and the Twisted Rail Brewing Company on your left.

You’ll see patrons outside on the decks of The Twisted Rail, and maybe even hear live music there.

Flood gates at the end of Lagoon Park regulate the flow of water out of the lake as well as the speed of the current through the park.

It’s fun to stow the paddle and let the slow current move you.  Look for Red-wing blackbirds, eagles and osprey.

Lagoon Park fishing platforms

William Muar had a dream of developing more recreational waterfront so in the early 1920s he dredged out a portion of the swampland on the north end of the lake.

This park is popular for early spring fishing for bullhead and panfish.

The City of Canandaigua purchased Lagoon Park after it was subdivided off the Finger Lakes Resort parcel.

Lagoon Park is slowly reverting to its natural condition.  The City installed minimal structures such as walking walking bridges, fishing platforms and overlooks.

Kershaw Park

Just a half-mile to Kershaw Park

Canandaigua’s front porch to the lakefront is Kershaw Park.  Kershaw is the longest and most prominent of the lakefront parks on the north shore of Canandaigua Lake.

This park has a public bathhouse, lockers, and public restrooms.

Canandaigua City Pier

Canandaigua City Pier is .75 miles away from Fallbrook Cove

The City Pier is easy to find – it’s straight across the lake from Fallbrook Cove.

The Pier extends far into the lake and has private marinas on each side. 

The City Pier is best known for the historic boathouses built on the west side of the pier.

Photographers and artists made the boathouses one of the popular and recognizable spots in the Finger Lakes.

Squaw Island

Paddle to Squaw Island, less than a mile across the lake

From a distance, it’s easy to miss Squaw Island because it blends in with the surrounding shoreline.

Historically, Squaw Island used to be a mile long, replenished by sand accumulating from lake wind and currants.

Construction of the City Pier in the 19th Century caused the sand to accumulate off Kershaw Park instead of Squaw Island.

Erosion shrunk Squaw Island, but huge glacial boulders were placed around the island shore to preserve it.

Squaw Island is a major nesting ground for seagulls and cormorants. 

Squaw Island plaque placed on the Canandaigua City Pier

Atwater Meadows

Atwater Meadows is 1.1 miles across Canandaigua Lake

Best reached by kayak, Atwater Meadows lies just north of Squaw Island.

Among the ancient willow trees, find all kinds of waterfowl.

This Canandaigua Lake vacation rental cottage puts you closest to the north shore’s best kayaking.  These are all safe, kid-friendly locations.

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